Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Stitching Bug Has Left :(

So after finishing Scatter Sunshine (thanks for all the comments!!) I haven't had the desire to stitch *blah* I'm going to try and not let it get me down because if I do it will just extend the amount of time I feel this way. I did, however, get the urge to finish my stitching into something so that's good, no? If I had this weekend off I think I would do more but I don't so I can't. Yesterday after running my morning/afternoon errands I made this:

The Pinkeep you've seen before but yesterday I made the bourse and the scissor fob. I love how everything looks together! The scissor fob isn't the greatest and I'm NOT doing it over (I re-did it like 5 times!) So I'll just keep on practicing until I get it right next time. The thing that I'm having a hard time on is the ribbon part but I think I know how to fix it next time. I was showing EVERYONE my bourse. I'm so proud of it! I used the instructions from Focus on Finishing. They were REALLY good. I hope Cindy likes the gift. The scissor handles are in the shape of a bunny, just in case you thought it was a squirel (that's what my cousin thought, she asked me "Where does the squirel fit it?" *grrr*) The teeny bunny buttons I got from Joann's yesterday. I first picked up these not so great buttons but just as I was going to leave the button aisle I spotted these and I'm glad I did! They had the most adorable hippo buttons too but I've never seen any cross stitch hippos so I didn't get them. I think I may take my bourse to work to show it off LOL. They always ask me what I do with the things I finish, I tell them I get mostly everything framed but now I can show them this! :-) Next I'm going to try to make a flat fold, Lisa has this great tutorial she made up on her blog. And I have an idea on how to finish up Scatter Sunshine! Until next time! I'm going to *try* and stitch on the new L*K that I have kitted up, after I take a shower.


Anonymous said...

Your bourse and fob are lovely, the fabric you used is really pretty.

Please would you post a picture of your bourse on the Focus on Finishing blog, since you used the tutorial there? There are instructions on the blog or you can email me if you need help doing this. Thanks and congratulations on your finishes!

Sharon said...

Lovely finishing Mercy! I hope you get your mojo back again soon.

Anonymous said...

Excellent finish on the bourse! I've not attempted one yet, though I do want to. And your "Scatter" is too cute!!

Now - get stitching! :o)

Lisa said...

Hi Mercy...great job on the bourse! You really did it, you should be proud of yourself! The whole stitching kit series with the bunny looks sooo good!

Meari said...

Excellent bourse! I'm going to be making one soon, I think... out of Pink Carnations.