Monday, July 16, 2007

A new WIP, TV, and finish!

One of my Yahoo groups has this thing called Pass it Forward. What it basically is you finish stitching something and if you choose you can pass it forward to another stitcher. Petra started it and lucky me I decided to act on one of her latest finishes :) Above is Betsy's Butterfly by Elizabeth's Designs. I'm almost done with, the only thing left are the leaves in the outer border. The picture does it no justice. The linen is like a creamy color and the colors used makes it creamier - it's just so pretty IRL! I'm going to try and finish this and *maybe* give it away.

A while ago I know I blogged about buying a new TV. Well towards the end there were problems with the shipping (it showed that it was shipped but it never got here and in reality it was never shipped.) I didn't want to go through the headache of re-ordering it so I just cancelled the order. Yesterday I got sick and tired of having to actually stand up to watch TV whenever there were words on the TV that I went out to Circuit City and bought a new TV. I got a Sony Bravia 32" which is a HUGE upgrade from my teeny 13". I can now watch TV without my glasses if I choose to and can FINALLY watch this documentary "Shame" that I tivo'ed a few weeks ago. The entire thing is in arabic with written translation and I just couldn't stand in front of the TV for an hour to watch it LOL. My savings account took a hit but it felt good paying in cash for it, as well as saving up the money. I'm going to cut back more on my spending to see what else I can save for. I really need a car but I'm still to cheapskate to pay for insurance to have it sitting in my driveway unloved LOL. Anyhoo the TV isn't going to stay where it's at. I'm going to mount it on the wall that way I can place my satelite box and Tivo where it's at Right now I have a ghetto set-up LOL. The 2 boxes are on a teeny plant table near the bottom of the dresser. I also have to upgrade my direct tv to HD so the picture can look better. I figured I'd do that next week when my work schedule calms down.
Now onto my finish! This is something I stitched for Cindy (duh!) I don't think she reads my blog so I didn't block out her name. I'm going to make it into a bourse for her and put in the "smalls" I made for her (still have to make her scissor fob) along with a few other goodies. It's nice no? I wanted to add something around her name but I don't want to over crowd it so I'm going to leave it as it is. Once I'm done with actually finishing it I'll post a picture, so look for it sometime next week.

In non-stitching, non-new TV news - I got a new tattoo! I LOVE IT! I got more stars (5 of them)but this time on my inner wrist in purple, I'm going to wait until it's healed to show a picture of it. I'm already planning on getting my next one - I really want to add more to my foot but just don't want to go through the pain right now so it will have to wait. Well I'm off - I work tonight and want to pack up a work project. I'm going to to another 5 days in a 6 day span this weekend which I'm not looking forward to and I think I have another week like that at the end of the next schedule I'd like to know what I was thinking?!?!? I only work tonight and tomorrow night with 2 days to rest which actually aren't going to be spent resting. Kelly and I make 8 years of being together on Wednesday and those 2 days are booked (minds out the gutter please! hehe) Wednesday he goes for tutoring at my cousin's house (he has an entrance exam that my cousin is helping him study for) and Thursday we're going to have a picnic :-) TTFN!


Toni said...

I'd kill someone if I had to drive in the city!!! nice tv also. I like the finishes.

Sharon said...

Love the TV! Congrats on the finish-Cindy's piece will make a great bourse. Eight years is a long time-congrats. I hope you will get to have some fun.