Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I know it's July but really Halloween is right around the corner and what a better way to celebrate my favorite holiday but with some Halloween Stash!!! I ordered this from The Silver Needle a while ago and it was out of stock for a while *but* today the UPS lady delivered it to me! I want to start stitching my tree (hmm drawing a blank!) the round thing that goes under the tree what's it called...jeez don't you hate when that happens LOL. Anyway I want to start stitching that :-)
I also got some pretty pretty scissors for my scissor collection. Now that I know that I'm not the only one that collects scissors I can openly talk about it. I bought these:

These are Bohin scissors from France and are called Giakarta I think.

They are so pretty :)

These are the Ice Cream Swirl scissors. I don't know if all of them come in this swirly pattern, they didn't seem so on the website but I love purple and just had to have them.
And for a stitching update here's my new WIP:

It's Herb Garden by Little House Needlework.

I started it Friday night on the train. The majority got done last night though. I literally only had time to stitch "With Friends" during my 3 nights of working. I'm taking a break from Awake the Dawning Day to stitch up some gifts. Herb Garden was suppose to be a gift but I changed my mind and will only stitch a portion of it for the recipient and ummm (jeez I'm drawing up blanks left and right!) alter! Yes I will alter it some way to make a bourse out of it so I can put my other stitchy things in it.

I must go now, I work the holiday (tonight and the 4th) so I have to get ready now. I think I'm drawing up so many blanks because I'm doing 5 nights in the span of 6, these are my last 2. Ask anyone working 12hr nights and they'll tell you it's hard! TTFN TREE SKIRT!


Katie said...

I love your halloween scissors. Too cute. LOL On your blank mind. We call them brain farts here. Don't worry we get them all the time!

Toni said...

Very cute pieces. and I am also a scissor nut. Any Good Lns's in NYC we are coming for a girls weekend. Oh and a list of good restaurants would be helpful too. :)

Anonymous said...

Mercy, Your stitching is wonderful. Where did you find the Shepherds Bush freebie you just posted, its so cute? I just love looking at others stitching, just inspires me more. Kayona oskismom@hotmail.com