Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pretty Pretty Hearts!

I went to my stitchy date today at my not so LNS and look what they had there waiting for me! Aren't they pretty? Seeing things like this makes me want to stitch faster so I can get more things finished hehe. I don't think I need to mention that I had fun today but I did, Kelly even came with me and sat patiently while I stitched, he even bought me "just because" roses afterwards. He's such a good BF most of the times (he does have his *pish* "men" moments LOL.)

I've been stitching on BBD Awake The Dawning Day and while it seems like I'm getting no where I actually have most of the house (minus the roof) done. I should have taken an update picture to post but I didn't...maybe next time.

While at my nsLNS I bought fabric for the Calico monthly cats.
Petra is doing them all on one fabric and they look so pretty that I have to be a copy cat and stitch them :-)

Did I mention I started The Big Zipper? One night I couldn't sleep and I had about enough of stitching with WDW Pebble (the color of the house) that I started it. It doesn't seem that big anymore. I figure I'll stitch on it whenever I get tired of ATDD and go back and forth.

Well I'm off to watch Big Love on Tivo. TTFN!


Petra said...

Hi Mercy,
I love those hearts, it looks so nice together! It was great seeing you and kudos to Kelly for getting you flowers, what a man!
Make sure to post a pic of your WIP, I'd love to see it, I didn't get a chance before we left.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful finishes, Mercy! I especially like the heart-shaped one - but they are all very nice.
Can't wait to see your ED completed - her pieces are so pretty & I've always liked how she varies the stitches.
Congrats on your cooking success! :o)

Stitchingnow said...

I love the herats

Itching To Stitch said...

All of your hearts are beautiful. Very pretty job ;)

Sharon said...

The finishing is beautiful. I know you will enjoy displaying those lovelies!

Meari said...

Your projects look so nice, Mercy. What a lucky girl you are to have Kelly sit patiently and *then* to get roses on top of it. :D

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AAHHHHHHHHH....soooo pretty..I'm a heart fan too, and all those finishes look fantastic! Seeing them makes me want to stitch more and more..I really love those designs, mercy, great job. Lisa ;-)