Friday, June 15, 2007

Picture Time

Here are pictures of my two WIPs. The top one is Bent Creek's Big Zipper and the bottom one is Blackbird Designs Awake The Dawning Day. I have to say I like working on both of them and wish I had more time or could work on them at the same time. I worked on Big Zipper today - it stitches up pretty quick, I probably would have had more done but this nasty frog came to visit me and we all know how that goes. I'll probably work on ATDD tomorrow (today) I'm close to finishing the house and then I can work on the roof. I've actually almost used one entire skein of WDW Pebble. Once I get the house done and maybe the top vines around the house I'll start stitching my Calico Cats.


Margie said...

Looking good! I think I want to stitch that big zipper, but I'm waiting to see a couple more of the charts first. :-)

Tracey said...

Hey Mercy.. long time no blog.. I'm so sorry I have lost touch with all my stitching friends. Am blogging about my stitching at my old blog That is a great pic of you! And your stitching looks beautiful as well. :-)