Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bookmark Exchange!

I received my bookmark exchange from Lisa today! It was a very nice package. First off she wrapped it in brown wrapping paper - this is something I've always wanted...a package wrapped in the brown paper LOL (I know I'm weird.) Then she stuffed it with lots of goodies! You see the pictures of Ana with her bandana? Well, she made it! How cool is that??? The fabric is also the same fabric of the pillow *and* the backing of the bookmark, also made by Lisa. Everything is sooooo pretty! I really need to do more exchanges! Other things sent are 2 packets of tea, a book (Dead Giveaway,) a packet of needles size 26 (my size) an "M" notepad, a teeny *pink* bag and a cute card, which both Kelly and my cousin loved. After the 15th shot
Ana was nice enough to cooperate and take a decent picture, I guess she had thoroughly inspected everything by then. I really loved everything I received, wish this exchange wasn't over LOL. TTFN I need a nap, I feel like I haven't slept in days!

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Meari said...

Very nice exchange, Mercy! I coordinate a bookmark RR on a group and have received some very nice bookmarks.