Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lazy Weekend

I finally got two days to myself to sit around and do nothing. I sort of enjoyed it but at the same time I got antsy, maybe I'm one of those people that need to do something. I did go to Target today to buy some things that I thought I needed but when I got there I realized I don't need anything LOL. I did return my humdifier to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, the digital one that I bought the other days was just too complicated for me so I exchanged it for a manual one which is working just fine now.

I stitched for the most part of the day, I stopped to blog a little because I'm getting to the point where all that over 1 stitching comes into play and I hate that it takes so long to do so I'm procrastinating. Here's the last progress pic I offer...after this hopefully the next picture you see is of it finished :-)
I ordered a bunch of goodies from the market and am waiting impatiently for them to come in. Thankfully I ordered from DSL so my things should be here this week. I love Amy for that reason alone hehe. Too bad Monday is a holiday :-(
My cousin is here spending my lazy Sunday with me, we've seen two movies together and now we're listening to John Mayer. I love that I'm close with my cousins! There's always someone to hang out with at times. Well I'm off to go back to my stitching.


Sharon said...

Fond hearts is progressing nicely. I look forward to seeing your market purchases!

Cindy said...

The progress is looking lovely on the Fond Heart piece. I love it and can not wait to see more!

Barbara said...

This looks SO good! Great stitching!