Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It sounds bad out there!

I woke up to crunching noise this morning...I was hoping it didn't get too bad because I'm having a small dinner gathering at my house tonight and if the weather is bad well all that's going to be here is me, my parents, Ana, and a lot of food!

I slept all day yesterday - we were suppose to watch The Departed on DVD last night but it ended up being the guys watching it while it watched me. I was so cold last night that I had Ana lay on top of me on the couch - literally! She got tired of it though and left me twice but when we went to bed guess who wanted to snuggle? I surprised I was able to take her weight while sleeping, she likes to believe she's a little lap dog but she's about 54lbs and is so oblivious to it.

I woke up early enough to do some last minute preperations but with this weather all I want to do is stay in bed and stitch. I may just lounge here for a little while longer, we'll see.

I had to put my Roots concert tickets on Ebay this morning, I can't make the show :-( So if you're from NYC or will be in NYC on Sunday March 11th, are reading this, and like the Roots check out the auction. I put them at a discount because I really don't want to lose all the money I spent on them - a little money I don't mind :-) TTFN and stay warm and safe!


Meari said...

Too bad about the concert. Not my thing, but I hope you find a buyer.

rose_michelle said...

I was scrolling through looking at your XS and puppy pics when I saw this post. I have a 65 pound English bulldog who literally lays across my back (oe chest, depending how I am laying) at night when I sleep. At first it was uncomfortable to breathe, but over time my lung strength grew and now I only feel it if he digs his knee in my back or chest. Funny how we adapt.