Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Just a Question

I have some books that I'd like to donate - do any of my readers know where I can take them? I'm thinking of the library but maybe there's somewhere else I can take them ya know??

No stitching since Saturday, my cousin's baby shower is this Sunday and I have to get on the ball with the last minute things that have to be done. I usually mind when it comes to things like this but I think I must really like my cousin because I'm actually looking forward to doing this for her :-) The only thing I don't look forward to is seeing someone on Sunday - she's such an a**hole. She called herself giving my other cousin some "school" advice and ended up dissing nurses (my cousin is thinking of becoming one) want to know something funny? She's a RN herself *sigh* I swear some people in my family are just ignorant!

Well I'm going to read a little before I go to bed, I'm thinking the faster I read these books I have (and I think I have a lot) the quicker I can get them out of here, donate them and buy new ones haha! :-) Good Night!!!


Cheryl said...

Hi Mercy! You might just be the person i need! Im having a baby shower for a friend on the 27th. She's american, from arkansas, and we didnt want her to miss out on this tradition! However, we dont have baby showers over here so im clueless as to what to organise etc. Ive done some internet resarch (pressies/games/food) but if you have any suggestions it'd be much appreciated (especially for games!) Thanks!

Missy said...

Hi Mercy

I like to use paperbackswap.com to recycle books and get ones that are on my "must read" list.

If you do sign up, could you please use me as a reference? (I am out of credits) I think that you just need my email address for it. mhighfill@gmail.com

: )