Sunday, January 15, 2006

Meet Kyle

This is Kyle, he's our new addition. We had to put Kobe down in October, something I didn't want to share because I never really accepted it until I saw his ashes in a box in Kelly's closet. Well anyway Kelly has been lonely at home and if you knew Kelly then seeing him without a dog is hard to imagine, so he/we adopted Kyle from a rescue group in December.

Kyle's a 1.5-2 year old Bull Terrier who's as crazy as they come. We think he may be either younger than 1.5 or maybe at the 1.5 mark but definitely not 2. He's full of soooooo much energy, so not like Kobe and Ana. The first night with him I didn't think it would work but he can actually be both, there is no in between with him. It's either I'm being lazy right now or come on let's play. Ana's pretty eh with him. She'll play with him but I think he may have too much puppy energy with her, if he looked like a small puppy I'm pretty sure she'd have more patience with him but since he's bigger than her in size and weight she snaps at him when she's had enough and of couse Kyle just keeps nagging her to play. One thing that works to stop this is music - Sade and Jack Johnson calm him down. In the car he'll put his ears close to the speaker to listen. It's pretty cute, he's sort of like Kobe in that way, music always soothed him, he loved to be sung to. The books we've read have said that Bull Terrier's are comical and that he is sometimes. He likes to move things like shoes. He hasn't chewed on any yet but if you leave your shoes out he'll walk by them pick one up without stopping and just drop it somewhere and come back to you. It makes me laugh when I see him do it. Yesterday we went grocery shopping and in Kelly's building they have the bellboy thing to put luggage in and we used that to bring up the groceries, well when I left the apartment to put some laundry in the wash, Kelly came behind me and left the thing in the kitchen where Kyle was sniffing it and when we come back Kyle is in it just sitting there. It was funny. For halloween I, of course, want to paint the bull's eye over his eye in red so he can be the Target dog but I don't know how it'll work with that black spot over his eye and Kelly has already said no to the idea.

Still no stitching for me, although I've been buying lots lately, which gives me the itch to stitch so who knows next post may be a WIP or a finish. I've been reading like it's been going out of style, so atleast I'm doing something I love. I'm going to maybe start that bookcrossing thing because I'm running out of space to put them. My dad told me the other days that I'm going to need a new house soon and if I ever plan on moving out of here I think it may be true because no teeny affordable apartment is going to hold all of my junk. Well I'm off from work for a while. I've been fixing my schedule so that I work most of my days in the beginning of the work month and then off for a long stretch towards the end. If I can get like that in the summer maybe I'll plan some short trips. Well I'm off I spent most of the day yesterday sleeping and don't want to waste anymore of my off time, although I may go back to bed to read some more before showering and starting my day. TTYL!!!


debbi said...

So good to read an update.

And congratulations on your new baby - he's a cutie. I'd probably want to paint that bull's eye on him too - LOL.

Hope all is well with you.


Leeny said...

mercy! glad to see you blogging again! sorry to hear about kobe though.

kyle is an absolute cutie, i love that black spot on his eye, he actually reminds me of a neighbour's dog in my childhood days. he was so much fun, we would play with him as kids, just running up and down and he would never tire following us.

and yes! you gotta do that bookcrossing thing! i've been leaving "wild" books around, still no successes yet, but hey, i've only started with 6. so yes, i hope you will do the bookcrossing thing soon, it really can be quite fun! :)

anyways, welcome back, hope everything else has been going well, take care, and i'll check in again soon!

eileen :)