Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Fat Lady has sang

I go back to work tonight *sigh* My next "long" vacation is in November but I have a week coming up in September and I think in October. I hope tonight isn't busy, I get my break, and my patients are stable...and if they aren't I hope they wait until I'm done with my work before they decide to give me problems so I don't get behind in my work haha!

Two of my exchanges arrived to their destinations so I can finally share some finishes with you *yea* but first let me share this with off the Q-Snaps!
Sam Sarah Design Studio - Pearls "Nevermore"
Stitched on Silkweavers 28ct Cashel Linen "Boo"
Crescent Colours Floss
Now I wasn't suppose to start anything new but Monday night I went to Kelly's house and although I knew I packed my Home of a Needleworker (Too!) project bag before leaving when I got home it somehow walked out of the bag and stayed at his house. I was pretty bummed about it because I was really psyched to work on the windows. I had to stitch something so I started this teeny design and finished it up this evening. It was a quick stitch (it's only 29x29) and will be made into a teeny ornament for my Halloween Tree (another project that exist only in my head hehe.)

Sidenote: Monday we took the dogs to Kelly's friends house to play, they also have a Bull Terrier, and well they have a koi pond in their backyard and the mosquitos ate me alive! I have 6 mosquito bites on my left leg, 17 on my right leg, and 1 on my right arm. I'm so itchy :(

Now on to my other finishes...first up is the square I stitched for Stephanie for Round 7 of the Fair and Square Exchange. I stitched L'R de Rien's Une Poule au Jardin for her and she informs me that she likes it :) She has pictures on her blog of the extra goodies I sent and my signature square in case anyone would like to see more.
L'R de Rien - Une Poule au Jardin
Stitched on 32ct count Linen
DMC Threads

Second exchange was for the Quaker Inspired blog. We were to stitch one of the Workbasket's Quaker Animals and finish them into whatever we wanted to. My partner was Edgar and while I was excited to stitch for him I was also nervous...he's one of the blogs that I look up to :) I decided to stitch the turtle in blue for him and finished it off into a flatfold. He also has additional photos in case anyone wants to see more.
The Workbasket - Quaker Turtle
Stitched on Babbling Brook Linen (forgot the count)
Vikki Clayton Silks in Indigo Ocean

Here's the backI have one more exchange finish that I've done but I have yet to mail it out. The mail out date is July 14th so I'm doing OK. Hopefully Friday morning after I get off of work I'll mail it out. Before I go I do have one more picture to share and it's of my new stash!!!I went to my LNS yesterday after the beach and picked these up :-) I've ordered my fabric for these online last night and it has already shipped. I can't wait to start stitching these! I also joined 2 FOTMs since I have a few monthly $$ to spend and I have a very small fabric stash. Well I'm off...time for dinner and then I have to get ready for work *waaaaaaaaah*


heidistitches said...

Where did you get the snip-its jar you sent to Edgar? It's adorable and I'd love to get one. I just recently found his blog and then saw what you sent him. I can't wait to read your blog now! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I saw your set of squares on Stephanie's blog... they are soooo pretty!! Love that L'R de Rien design!
Enjoy your new stash!! Now what's this I read about a Snip-Its Jar??? I NEED to know more...LOL!!

Barbara said...

Knowing you have a long vacation in November is one good reason to look forward to autumn. ;)

Congratulations on the new stash, the great stitching ... my gosh, your FS stitching was just FABULOUS!!

Carla said...

Lovely finished Mercy! Love the quaker turtle :)
I'm glad that your LNS had the Sweet Treat charts in stock :)

Sharon said...

Great exchange for Edgar! Your squares are gorgeous! I too want to know where you got the snip it's jar.