Monday, April 14, 2008

Second Freebie Finish

Ever see something you liked only to stitch it and discover that it's not "you?" Well I think that's how I feel about this This is a freebie that I found on My Aunt's Attic. I saw it stitched up in these colors and loved it but now that I'm done with it I don't quite know what to do with it :-( It's suppose to have more blue flowers on the bottom but I left those out.

I have 2 more freebies that I'd like to stitch this month. If I don't get them done I may extend freebie month into May. Who knew that freebies were so much fun?

This past weekend one of my favorite cousins *finally* turned 21. We (my cousin Cristy and I) took him out and had a great time! Last night we went to this bar which was having trivia night and out of the 6 questions they asked while we were there we got 4 of them right. We didn't know what the "prize" was when we got the first question right but were happy to find out that it was a round of shots for the table for every correct answer we gave. We cheated for 2 of the questions though and called my other cousin who I swear is a genius for the answer. He doesn't drink but I think next time we go he should come along so he can get us free drinks and drive us home afterwards, which is better than taking the train hehe. We're going to Atlantic City next weekend to do some more celebrating and I can't wait. If there's one place I like to go it's to the casino! I never win...and if I do at the end of the night my winnings are gone and I usually break even but I don't mind since I tell myself I'm there to have fun not retire :-)

Until next time! I need to take a nap...TTFN!


Kim B said...

Beautiful stitching - even if the finished product isn't "you." :)

Carol R said...

I think that little robin is cute!
If you go to a casino only take as much as you can afford to lose plus enough for a couple of drinks.. Good luck hope you win.

Petra said...

Oh I love AC too! Me and Philip used to go a lot, but now not so much at all with James in our mist...LOL, but one day may drop him at my parents and we'll go there for the night.

Your freebie is cute, I personally like it, it reminds me of a Bent Creek though...Just put it away maybe you'll like it in a few months better?

Love your biscornus too!