Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Barbara Ana Freebie!

I've decided to make April "Freebie Month." I've seen so many lovely freebies being stitched and have been collecting the patterns that I don't want to forget any of them so, with the exception of my Red Thread Snappers, I'm going to stitch as many of them as I can this month. The first one is Barbara Ana's Halloween Biscornu. It's a cutie and here it is! I haven't decided if I should stitch something on the back. I probably won't do it...I want to move onto the next freebie. I have about 3 that I've kitted up to choose from so I guess the next time I post we'll see what I chose :-)

Before I leave some of you guys have asked some questions that I'd like to answer. The giraffe pattern is Brightneedle's Made for Each Other and the Momiji Dolls can be bought online. If you're in the US I bought mine from Urban Outfitters and the Philadelphia Museum of Art online store. If you're in the UK then you can try the Momiji site although I don't know about shipping. I don't know if creative poppy has Barbara Ana's Spring Biscornu but I bought mine at Down Sunshine Lane and have seen it at one of my LNS.

As always thanks for reading and the comments!! Until next time...TTFN!


Kim B said...

Oh I love your halloween biscornu! I can't wait to see it all finished! What a fun idea to make April freebie month :)

april said...

I love your Halloween Biscornu! I have that kitted up and now want to stitch it myself. I have been looking for the Brightneedle Made For Each Other Chart. I can ask where you got yours from.

Carol R said...

The halloween biscornu is pretty - if you don't want to stitch too much on the back just do the corners.

timetostitch said...

I love the biscornu! WOW! So much color and so bright!
Hope all is well, will you be at WVAS on Tsdy?

Sharon said...

Too cute! Looking forward to seeing your freebies.

staci said...

Love that freebie, so cute!