Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'm still here and I stitched!

Hello all :)
I'm still here but haven't blogged in a while, there hasn't been much to say really. I'm still at the same job and desperately need a vacation before I strangle someone. Its like people in the hospital are getting crazier and crazier, what happened to the nice patients?!?!?

I'm off for the next 4 days so I hope I find some sort of patience to deal with the crazies as I call them.

I haven't stitched in what seems like forever - maybe close to 2 years? So that's another reason I haven't blogged BUT the stitching bug must have bit me in the past weeks because I picked up something I was working on and finished it *yea* hence the reason I'm blogging. I'll show a pic in a while dunno how good it will come out since my scanner is old now and well not working the way it use to. I'm going to take it to get framed and give it to my mum for her b-day this September.

While stitching today I realized that I missed it, I hope to stitch something after this just don't know what or when I'll muster up the strength to go through my stitching boxes. The day light in Kelly's new apt is so f-ing awesome that it really makes it a pleasure to stitch there. I usually keep the shades closed since the north side of the building looks right into the south side (he's on the south side) and you can pretty much see everything when you look in (I should know I'm always looking from the balcony hehe)

Saturday I'm going to my first concert ever lol - I'm going to see Bloc Party my fav band!!! Hope it goes well. My cousin is taking me to my second concert in August which will probably be totally different from this one since we're going to see O.A.R.

Ahhh...well I will try to keep up but in the meantime enjoy the finished unframed picture of my new finish. TTFN
Oh BTW - It's Green Old Gardens by Elizabeth Design's

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