Sunday, July 30, 2006

I have something to blog about again

Just came back from my first concert ever - sawBloc Party, Secret Machines, and Mew at McCarren Pool Park and it was great! I had fun although I'm beat now. Can't wait to go to another concert. Never heard of the other 2 bands I was really there for Bloc Party but they were good too, I'm listening to mew now. I'm in love all over again with Bloc Party lol...wish Kelly would have came but he had to work...oh well next time maybe. He prob wouldn't have enjoyed himself since we have different taste in music.

Up next tmr on my last day off is to go buy floss to start stitching again. All of my things are stored away in the closet and honestly it's just easier to buy new things then to go search for them *sigh*

Later gators!

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