Monday, August 11, 2008

Hola :-)

I think I may start bringing my camera with me to work. I went to the park in Union Square yesterday and missed so many picture opportunities that by the time I got on the train to go back home I was red with anger! Well not really, but I was pretty bummed that I didn't get a picture of the squirrel eating the cookie (upside down on the tree) that I had given him earlier. I'm usually afraid of the squirrels around my house if they get too close to me but at the park they get even closer and don't look as threatening. As soon as they heard me opening the plastic cookie package I had about 4 of them surrounding me...too cute!

Last week I had a craving for some empanadillas (empanadas is another name for them.) I like to believe that I'm totally incapable of cooking but honestly I can so instead of asking my mother to make some for me I made them myself. Don't they look yummy? I made them with cheese and one of them opened on me while I was frying it so please excuse the cheese on the paper towel and top one. They didn't come out as crunchy as my mumsy poos but she said they tasted good and so did my cousin :-) The best part of making them myself was that I could put as much sugar as I wanted to because there was no one to stop me (aka my mum hehe.)

I'm almost done with my Hallowscornu. I'm so close that I'm thinking of starting something new as my train project and only stitching on it at home. I don't have a current picture but did take one on Friday so I guess I'll show you that one and you'll just have to imagine 2 more corner pumpkins and half of a 4th ghost. I can't wait until it's's going to look so pretty in my basket of Halloween smalls!

I work tonight and tomorrow night so I'm going to end this and go stitch for an hour before my nap. Thanks for the nice comments on my last 2 finishes!


Barbara said...

Drooly good yummy baking. Mmmm. Hungry now. ;)

DaisyGirl said...

Guess what? Your Quaker Critter came back to me today! So if you can, email me again so I can mail it back out to you! I'm so glad it didn't get lost!

stitchinaddiction said...

Yummy food and gorgeous stitching. What more can a girl ask for, lol. I love the Halloween Biscornu too. I might have to get that one. And the needleminder - I just put it in my shopping cart today at SB&B!

Carla said...

yummy! I love empanadas (baked or fried)!! And I like them with lots of sugar on top too :)
Your hallowscornu looks great, I'm waiting for some threads to start mine :)

tkdchick said...

Mercy, I carry my camera with me everywhere, so don't be embarassed to have it with you all the time. Sometimes you come across the coolest things to take pictures of!

Okay who is that Hollowsocrnu by its adorable and I love it! I've got to stitch it and I don't usually stitch halloween stuff!

Shelleen said...

your Halloween piece is so spooktacular :-)

Tammy said...

Oh man, that Halloween piece is turning out beautiful! I love it.

tangerinedream73 said...

Funny how things happen at just the right time. I have been scouring cookbooks to find an empanada recipe for DH. Would you consider sharing you recipe? Do you know one for meat-filled ones?


Carol R said...

I've never eaten empanadas but they do look tasty!

Love your Halloween Biiscornu - can't wait to see it finished.

Lisa said...

The Halloween design is brilliant, so colorful, nice work!