Tuesday, March 18, 2008

very LONG post

I've been wanting to post for a while now but Kelly took the camera with him and I just hate to post without pictures so I haven't. Anyway I got the camera back tonight and here I am :-)

I had the week off last week and I expected to have lots of finishes or finished finishes to show off but I don't :-( I do have LOTS of starts that I won't share because I have a bad case of startitis right now and don't know what I'll finish or when I'll finish it. I hate when that happens...makes me feel so unaccomplished in my stitching. At least I still have my mojo and am still stitching instead of not stitching and being in a slump.

I had a great week off but of during my time off my parents and other family members got sick with this stomach plague. I managed to avoid it but wouldn't you know Friday when I woke up I felt nauseous and as I was getting ready for work my tummy started to cramp and I had a fever. I couldn't call out after being off for a week (they would just think I wanted to extend my week) so I went in to work. Jeez what a mistake that was! I felt so sick that on the train instead of stitching, reading, or listening to my iPod I just rested my head on the bars and tried to sleep. While at work I almost passed out in a patients room (my hearing even went fuzzy for a few minutes)and I was about to tell the other nurses I was on my way to the ER, when a patient grabs the other nurse by the neck and hurts her so badly she had to go to the ER *grrrr* Well since the ratio is 8:1 and we're a 24 bed floor, the other nurse and I had to pick up her patients until she got back (FYI: she didn't come back) which brought us to 11:1 (thank God for empty beds!!) Saturday night I felt a bit better and I know I'm going to get in trouble when I go back to work but I took the rest of the weekend off (I was suppose to work Sat and Sun as well) I can eat and keep food down but certain foods still make my tummy feel funny.

I did put my sick days to good use though. I wanted to finish some finishes during my week and I didn't but I managed to finish 3 things on Saturday! Here they are...

I wanted to finish more off but hey three is good enough for me. And *so happy* I think I did a better job at my cording this time! The middle piece was the second block I received from the fair and square exchange. Sadly it's stained at the bottom because my cousin put a can of Pepsi where it shouldn't have been but it's something that can be overlooked. The pinkeep I'm not too sure if I want to flip the cording upside down and have the little loose threads on top instead of on the bottom. But I love them all :-) Now hopefully in April when I'm off for another week I'll finish up some more things.

I did have 1 finish during my time off...nothing too big but I'm happy that I got it done because I managing so far to stick with it and that's my Red Thread Snappers. Here's the March portion called "Fly a Kite."And here's the entire thing...I know I should stitch the border as I go but right now I don't feel like it. I told myself that after I finish the 6th one I'll do it. Hopefully I stick to that decision.
I also have a WIP to share as well. This should have been finished by now but my cousin is off for spring break and I keep going out with him so I haven't had any real time to stitch. It's The Trilogy's Spring Tree and I'm stitching it on 28ct evenweave over 1. I like it so far and will probably finish it tomorrow since I have plans on stitching it on the train tonight on my way to work. I had a hard time stitching those bees (the little black dots) and may re-do them and also rip out the eye and nose on the bunny. I want to stitch all the trees over 1 and make them into little ornaments or pin keeps.

I have been working on my Halloween Fairy but forgot to take a picture of it...maybe next time. Thanks for reading this far :-) I'll leave you with one last thing before I leave though...it's a contest hosted on the Stitch Pink Blog and it's for a chance to win this.
Just leave a comment on the Stitch Pink Blog and good luck!


Heidi said...

Wow you have ben busy! I'm sorry you got sick, but am glad you feel better now.

Vonna said...

Oh Mercy you've done some VERY good finishing here and it's all just cute and pretty!
Hope you get to feeling better soon...I've been sick too and it's no fun!

Carla said...

Beautiful beautiful finishes!!! You did a wonderful job!!! Love all three!

Sandy P said...

Hi Mercy,
I love your 3 new ones, they look wonderful. You can finish mine any day! Love the monthly ones they are so cute joining like that. Your tree is great too. your coz will love it. Hope your tummy is better! Sandy P.

Anonymous said...

I love looking at your works! So nice;

Anonymous said...

Mercy your finishes are lovely! I hope you are feeling better.

staci said...

Oh, I hope that you are feeling better soon~~there sure are a lot of nasty bugs flying around!

Love all your finishes, they look wonderful!

Carol R said...

I hope you are feeling better now?
Love all your finishes especially Spooky - the backing spider web fabric is super.

Cheryl said...

I hope you are feeling better now!
Love all your finishes

Kim B said...

All your finishes look wonderful! I want to be that good :)