Sunday, December 30, 2007

And the holiday continues!

I won't be stitching much because Kelly got me this for Christmas!
The only bad thing is that he got it for me on Thursday and I went back to work on Friday so really I've only played twice with my cousins :( After the 1st I'm off for 6 days and the only plans I have for those days are to organize the "craft/computer" room which has turned into a storage room (you can see the mess in the picture above) and play Rock Band! I will of course continue to stitch on the train but my progress will be slow. Until next time! PS - Is my BF the best or what?!?!?!


Cindy said...

Very cool :) I have never tried playing that, but it looks like so much fun!

Kim said...

Great present! Guess we won't see much stitching for a while :-)

Sharon said...

Fabulous present! My son got a ps3 for Christmas and he has barely come up for air!