Friday, August 17, 2007

No Title

I want to start off by writing about Kelly...what I'll say I don't really know but I feel that I need to write about him. I met him 8 years ago while I was with another guy. I actually ignored him the first day we met since I was preoccupied with some problems I was having with the other guy. The next time we met I was sort of single and he ignored me! He totally denies it but I know the truth LOL. Kelly's a great guy, I think I'm lucky to have him although sometimes he drives me insane! Yesterday he registered for college, he hasn't been to school since high school. He doesn't really know what he wants to do (I'm pushing him to do Nursing.) He's scared but I think he'll do ok once he gets use to the busy-ness of it all. I'm excited for him and proud of him, I'm already thinking of graduation and what an accomplishment it will be for him. He sometimes reads my blog so Good Luck Kelly! I'll be here for you when you need me :-)

Now onto some stitching news! I haven't been stitching much. That Lizzie Kate really put me into a funk. First, I hated the border. Then, once I got into the border I saw that I miscounted somewhere (probably while on the train because I was off by a thread!) and my border doesn't match up. I could frog it but I hate to frog and well I just didn't feel like stitching it anymore so I declared it a UFO. Then, I had a bad case of startitis. I wanted to start everything in my stash - I didn't but did find something that would satisfy me. It's taking longer than I thought it would and it has a border *ugh* but I love it so much that the border doesn't bother me too much. Hopefully by next week it will be done! Here's a WIP picture: It's an ex-freebie that I just fell in love with. I wanted to stitch it in green but didn't have a nice green in my stash. Then I remembered that I bought this beautiful purple silk floss the last time I went my LNS and thought it would be PERFECT for it! The fabric is something I had in my stash. I packed everything away when I stopped stitching but on Saturday I unpacked my fabric stash and this one complimented the floss so well that I had to use it. It hurt to cut it since the company who dyed it is now out of business but I just had to use it. Now here are the details: the floss is Vintage Violets by Thread Gatherer Silk n' Colors and the fabric is 28ct Cashel Linen Thunder Sky (or something like that) by Dyeing 4 U. It's really sad that they went out of business, I think they had the BEST fabric, BEST FOTM, and BEST TOTM. I'm going to start my Halloween stitching after I'm done with this - I CAN NOT WAIT! I already have 2 Halloween trees to decorate, one won't be ready this year since I don't think I can stitch and finish 8 ornaments and a tree skirt and gravestones, but there's a 6 month Halloween SAL starting next year in my yahoo groups so by next year it should be done!

I'm going to sleep now. I don't want to, lately I've been having a REALLY hard time staying up at work since I've been going to bed so early and waking up even earlier but I just can't take it anymore and need to sleep. I'll just deal with it tomorrow at work. TTFN!


Cheryl said...

What a good looking fella you have there! Good luck to him with college.
I don't know if youve read my blog but i received your gift on wednesday! Thank you so much Mercy, that was so kind of you. Can't wait to see your Halloween tree, im intrigued! Halloween is not big at all here, definitely no decorations anyway.
Amitie looks great, i love it in Purple. You have got loads done! Im definitely going to stitch this piece again in a different colour. What are your plans for finishing?

Sharon said...

Very cute boyfriend! Good luck to him in his endeavors. I am sure with you supporting him, he will do well. Amitie is very pretty in the purple! Hope you get some sleep.

Lisa said...

Mercy, I love all those French designs! Amitie looks fantastic, great job so far! I wish Kelly the best in his endeavors. You're both fortunate to have each other :-)

monique said...

Congratulations to Kelly for the decision to return to school! Good luck :)

Your Amitie is very pretty... I do love that purple!